Our Telephone Answering Service

Our professional telephone answering staff, otherwise known as 'Call Catchers', answer your calls in your own company name, and we portray that we are sat right in your office when taking your calls.
Having thoroughly researched your company, we are able to answer questions about your products or services. We can also inform customers of expected delivery dates and times, book clients onto your courses, tell callers when you are likely to call them back after checking your diary, give out information on your available properties, etc., etc.

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Details of each call are then forwarded to you immediately by SMS text message and email, or we can patch calls through to you. This will be tailored to suit your needs better.

As you can see, Call Catchers pride ourselves on offering the best call answering service in the UK. The only thing we can not do is make you a cup of tea!

As providers of the most comprehensive service available, we take the time to investigate your company. We thoroughly read your website and learn about the day to day running of the business, as well as the people involved in it. This allows us to answer your callers’ questions in far more depth. We also do our very best to give the impression we are actually part of your team. This is how we like to think of ourselves…an extension of your business.

Bespoke Call Answering For All Sectors

We currently offer our bespoke services to businesses all over the UK and work with a variety of sectors. There’s few trades we have not worked with!

Our monthly plans attract a FREE TRIAL and our most popular package starts from just £2.50 per day, or £50 per month. We also offer a Pay As You Go service. This service costs just £1.50 per call, with no further charges. Our PAYG service is subject to a minimum spend of £20 per month just to cover our costs.

We can have your account set up and could be answering your calls within just a few hours! So whether you have been in business for years, or have recently started up as a sole trader or LTD Co, Call Catchers can provide you with a bespoke service to fit the image you want to portray.

We currently answer calls for businesses all across the UK, including London, Leeds, Swansea, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff, and Edinburgh. So wherever you’re based, Call Catchers telephone answering will be able to answer your calls in the most professional manner.

Call us NOW on 0800 1357368 and we can have you set-up and be taking your calls right away.


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