Order Processing For Your Business

The Order Processing Department provide you with the facility of our Call Catchers receptionists taking orders for your business on your behalf. We can process your orders online through your website, on a bespoke order form, or we can simply email you details of your customers’ requirements.

Given access by you, we can check stock levels or give expected delivery dates. We can also deal with customer queries, so we deal with your entire order processing process. We are also able to answer delivery queries, such as expected delivery dates, name of courier, or track returns.

Call Catchers can deal with your overflow orders, or this service can be ideal for any e-commerce business where you’re maybe too busy in your 9 to 5 and could do with the extra pair of hands.

payment processing


Payment Processing

The Payment Processing Department will take payments for your orders through your own Paypal, NetBanx, Worldpay, Nochex, etc., account seamlessly. We will ask you to contact your payment processing merchant to enable an account for our Call Catchers to use, that only accepts deposits.

This service can be used alongside our order processing service detailed above. Or your customers can simply call us, on the telephone number we provide you or on your diverted line. We can then process payments without taking an order. This stand-alone service is ideal for a ‘fixed price’ service or product. Or if you have taken an order online and the customer would simply rather pay over the phone. We will then email you the customers’ details after the transaction has gone through. Many of our customers find this perfect when they have received an email order, and just want us to call and quickly process the payment without having to go through the entire order.

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