Telephone answering service price plans. How much does it cost?

Our Monthly Plans

  • Inclusive Calls
  • Free Set Up
  • Free Text Messages
  • Emails Included
  • Account Changes
  • Phone Support
  • Excess Call Charges
  • Rating


£1.50 /call*
  • 0 calls
  • £1.50 / call

Catch 35

£50 /month
  • 35 calls
  • £1.50 / call

Catch 60

£75 /month
  • 60 calls
  • £1.50 / call

Catch 100

£100 /month
  • 100 calls
  • £1.50 / call

Catch 200

  • 200 calls
  • £1.00 / call

Catch 500

  • 500 calls
  • £1.00 / call
* Subject to a minimum charge of £20 per month
** All prices subject to VAT
We’ve created our pricing structure in a simple format, to ensure you don’t get any nasty surprises at the end of the month.

There are no hidden charges for text messages or for changing your details with us, everything is included either in our monthly price plans, or your ‘price per call’ if you’re using our pay as you go service.

You are not contracted to any particular price plan, so if your business is seasonal and your expecting less or more calls at any time of year, just give us a call and let us know 30 days in advance, and we’ll put you on the price plan that suits your business best.

SMS text and up to 2 email messages per call included
Billing is on the 1st working day of the month, payable by the 7th day of the same month by bank transfer
No maintenance charges for updating the information we hold on monthly plans
Pay As You Go – Subject to a minimum charge of £20 per month

Switchboard Services

Pay As You Go charged at £1 plus VAT per call, plus forwarded calls recharged at BT standard rates

*All prices subject to VAT
*Refunds cannot be given unless payment has been received in advance, and 30 days notice has been given to terminate the service. When a refund is due, it will be given within 7 working days by bank transfer. No refunds can be given for services already received using our Pay As You Go service.

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