Example Messages from Call Catchers

After we’ve answered your call in your company name, we explain that you’re either in a meeting or on the other line. You can instruct us with a different example message if you wish at no extra charge, we then ask if we can help in any way.

Depending on your business, we can go ahead and take an order for you, or process a payment, or explain the service you provide if necessary. We then take the callers name, company name, telephone number and the reason for their call, and forward this to you as follows:


Name: John Smith – XYZ Ltd
Number: 02081234567
Email: [email protected]
Message: Wants to arrange a meeting for Wednesday morning at his office to sign the contract. Please call before 4pm or send an email if later

Name: Mary Jones – Health Food Store
Number: 02920111222
Message: Account 12345. Processed online order for 6 x 400g packs of original Granola and taken payment. Please despatch

Name: David Evans
Number: 07771717171
Message: 1 High Street, AB1 2CD. Needs thermostat fixed and annual boiler service is due. Please call to arrange quotation

We can add additional fields if necessary to enable further data capture.

Please note that the telephone number is sent through to you without any spaces, enabling you to call the caller back directly from your mobile phone screen.

We inform the caller that you will call them back as soon as you’re free, or if you have provided us with your availability, we will inform the caller that you will get back to them within a time slot that your diary informs us of. This message is then sent immediately to your mobile phone and your email.

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